Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Backup Exec job status switches between Queued and Loading Media

I needed to restore two files today, which were backed up to external hard disk using Backup Exec (v12.5). I connected the drive which contained the backup data, then ran an inventory. I then created a restore job, selected my files to restore, then started the job running.

The Job Status changed to Queued, then to Loading Media, then back to Queued again.
This cycle continued, and the job would not start, it just remained cycling between Queued and Loading Media.

I resolved this bythe following process:

Select Devices, then in the Devices panel, right click the server name, then select Pause

Right click the server name again, then select Backup Exec services, then select Restart all services.
Wait for all the services to restart, then click OK to the messages that are displayed.

Right click on the server name in Devices again, and remove the tick from Paused

Restart all the services again.

Once I had done this, I ran the backup job again (Right click, Retry Job Now), and the job completed without any problem.